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The International Exhibition Center has become the main venue for us to meet and exchange ideas within the engineering market of Ukraine:

  • Biotal is an international exhibition showcasing water treatment systems. Their main area of expertise lies in the development, design, and construction of wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Aquatherm Kyiv is an international exhibition focused on energy-efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial cooling, water supply, renewable energy, sanitary ware, and pools.
  • KyivBuild Ukraine is an international construction and interior exhibition.
  • Intertool Kyiv is an international exhibition showcasing tools, fastening systems, and gardening equipment.

During the three eventful days, participants from Biotal company engaged with industry professionals, gained inspiration, and exchanged experiences. We actively participated in workshops, intensive training sessions, and explored the latest innovations showcased by other exhibitors.

We had the opportunity to showcase our new products and demonstrate the company’s business development prospects. We actively interacted with other participants, discussing our achievements and learning from other industry professionals.

These three eventful days provided our company with the opportunity to expand our knowledge, enrich ourselves with new ideas, and discover new paths for the growth of our business.