BIOTAL Water Treatment Facilities
BIOTAL installations provide efficient wastewater treatment through innovative technical solutions, high-quality manufacturing, and the use of premium materials. We operate reliably and economically, receiving positive feedback from our users
1 Development of a technological scheme and equipment selection
2 Conducting preparatory and general construction works for wastewater treatment structures and performing installation and commissioning works of “Biotal” systems
3 Installation and commissioning of additional equipment, such as compact pumping stations (CPS) and automated coarse screens
4 Construction of water drainage and water supply engineering networks and handing over the facility for operation
1 Preliminary works and design
2 Selection of the optimal solution, taking into account all requirements of the current environmental protection legislation
3 Organization of the expertise process
4 Author’s supervision
1 Our company’s service is the guarantee of reliable and uninterrupted operation of “Biotal” systems
2 Cleaning air duct filters, biofilters, RCV, and electromagnetic valves
3 Plumbing cleaning, station washing, coarse debris retention screens, tertiary tanks, level sensors
4 Inspection of elevator operation, sludge concentration, compressor operation, pump operation, air duct tightening, and other tasks
330 Completed projects
1276 Installed systems
651 Objects under service maintenance
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